HTC1100-C10Valve Remote Control and Level Measure system

HTC1100 –C10/L10 level remote gauge system is developed and based on the software and hardware platform of HAPCON HTC1100 marine distributed monitoring alarm & control system. The system can used for the liquid level continuous gauging of marine liquid cargo room , ballast water room & four

corner water draft of marine as well as the alarm function of high level and high- high level.In general, the system consists of MCS monitoring station, FMC

field measuring control station (built – in I/O module)   , water ingress alarm system independent high level liquid and high – high level liquid alarm

system as well as different kinds of level gauging sensors (radar type, pressure type ,Hysteresis telescopic type ,bubble type) .The system has the genera

l store and record function of text list display & liquid level histogram display on the computer monitoring station. The system can be equipped with printer for report and alarm record printing.  


level measure system


valve remote control system

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