HTC-NLC/SLCNavigation Light/Signal Light Controller

The latest generation series of production of HAPCON HTC-NLC marine navigation light and signal light have been developed in accordance with the

IMO 253 (83) related performance standard for navigation light and signal light and designing code of marine product,It adopted complete isolated

technology for the peripheral circuits. System is unit modular and compact structure design meanwhile realize the real time rated capacity detection

for the load of lamp, the automatic protection function of circuit break, overload ,short circuit alarm and provide reliable equipment guarantee for the

navigation signal indicating safety of marine.



Navigation Light/Signal Light Controller

Support for the latest Generation of LED Navigation signal Lamp

Main Function

Light switch control and status display, the max light number of controller is 32 channel.

Alarm for light filament circuit break

Alarm and protection for overload and short circuit of light

Main light and backup light automatically switchover or manual force switchover when light appears falure

Preprogram setting for light group

Single light switch on mode and preprogram setting automatic switch on mode by “navigation” & “anchorage ground”

Dimming and self test function for light operational display unit

The text and figure of operational panel can be preset according to the requirements of different marine type.

VDR digital interface output controller work status and alarm data

Duplexing digital alarm acknowledge interface, alarm signal can be transferred to outside system by controller.

Serve confirming function for receiving alarm from outside system.

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