HTC1100-E10Integration Monitoring and Alarm System

HTC1100-E10 is based on HAPCON HTC1100 distributed system software and hardware platform developed product and can be applied for the monitoring alarm of marine E/R main engine & auxiliary equipment working condition as well as thermal parameter. In general, system consists of MCS monitoring station (master /slave computer is redundant),FMC field measuring station (built in I/O module ),EAPS extending alarm calling system, DMU engineer safety alarm system four parts. System meets the configuration requirements of ATU -0 unmanned engine rooms marine. The different marine can select the different I/O modules for signal collection according to the type and number of the sensors.

Integration Monitoring and  Alarm System


The measuring point attribute can be configured and downloaded by customer on the monitoring station. The system is equipped with high dpi color LCD display terminal to display graphical figure and measuring parameter. The system can also be equipped with printer and print failure & engineer reports in order to concentrated management of engine room. The monitoring and alarm system can also be connected with other system ,such as main engine remote control system,level remote gauge ,valve remote control ,power station management system ,fire alarm system and VDR etc, by serial communication interface (RS- 422 ,RS485)  for realizing the data communication connection.

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